Just by looking at this you would be correct in guessing "Art Deco - around the 30's".
It was named after its inventor, Archdale J. Jones and made by the Archdale Co in New York, NY. Its completely made of brass. The black and red lines are painted. Considering that its over 90-years old, the paint has lasted very well. There is a fair bit of brass in the head because of the wave feature and it has a thin-ish handle so it feels a little head heavy.

It has two features. Firstly its an adjustable angle razor with three positions - Normal, Slant and Shevette.
To change the angle, you undo the bottom knob, tilt the head and retighten the knob. If you are wondering why the one post is protruding, its because in the shevette position the little protrusion fits into a corresponding hole in the handle (as can be seen in the image below), I would guess as a safety feature.

Second feature is the Wavy blade which effectively changes the blade gap.
The top of the head says "ONCE OVER SHAVE" and "CLOSE SHAVE" and as you can see, its an open comb design.

The patent was granted on Feb. 4, 1933 to Archdale J.Jones under patent number: US1897982. (Click to open)

Archdale Archdale Archdale
Archdale Archdale Archdale
Archdale Archdale

How does it shave?
I would consider the "ONCE OVER SHAVE" side middle of the road. There is a bit of blade feel and its reasonably effecient.
The "CLOSE SHAVE" side is fairly aggressive and a pretty easy BBS shaver.

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