Shield AC / DE Differential

Shield Razors is owned and are designed by Taibo Song (AKA Mike) in Guangdong, China.

They are all Grade 5 Titanium and are offered in either a Ceramic coating or Cerakote.
This head takes an Artist Club blade on one side and a ½ Double Edge blade on the other. It's a completely new take on a differential head.

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How does it shave?
First use of it. I did my normal WTG and ATG passes, except that I shaved one side of my face using the AC blade and the other side using the DE blade.
Once that was done, I felt that the AC side was a slightly closer shave so finished off the XTG pass and buffing with the AC side.
I think that the best way to use it would be WTG pass using the ½ DE blade, and the rest of the shave using the AC side.
Lets see!!!