Gibbs 16

This is pretty much the fixed gap version of the Gibbs 15/17 adjustable and came together bundled with one of them.
The company must have decided to release a cheaper version of their Reglable. The patent date is 4-years after their adjustable. It was cast out of Zamak and then plated.
Although it takes the same notched blades, they put the posts on the top cap so the top caps won't interchange.
This example has a bit of plate loss.

The patent was granted to Thibaud Gibbs & Co on 3 August 1941 under number FR876479. (Click to see)

Gibbs 16 Gibbs 16 Gibbs 16
Gibbs 16 Gibbs 16
How does it shave?
It's a Gibbs on the low settings. I would equate the "-" to a 1 and the "+" to the N.
It is a bit better balanced then its adjustable cousin.

Gibbs 16 SOTD Gibbs 16 SOTD