Revelation Réglable

The Revelation is an all bakelite razor except for the topcap.
It's a three piece with an open comb. The base plate looks very similar to that of a Bohin and I guess that its from around the same time - so late 1930's onwards. Its also from France. The tin, including the inserts are pressed metal. It has two rails that are spring loaded. Loosening and tightening up the handle adjusts the blade gap (See the 5th image below). It has a line indicator on the handle but there are no corresponding indicator marks on the base plate so in order to get repeatability one would need to count the number of turns.
It also is differential (I wonder why the designer would do that in an adjustable razor) and has the following raized text to indicate which side is which:

BARBE DURE - Hard Beard
BARBE DOUCE - Soft Beard


Revelation Revelation Revelation
Revelation Revelation Revelation
How does it shave?
Its a very mild shaver, I opening it around two turns and still only end up with a DFS

Revelation SOTD Revelation SOTD Revelation SOTD