The Renox goes back to the 1930's and is one of the early French adjustables.
According to a French forum, they did not get too far past the prototype stage, however they must have been sold commercially as I have seen a thread somewhere that included images of a case and instructions.
This set came with the case and two blade banks which have a total of 10 x "3 Hole" blades (last image / second row below). I have no idea of knowing if these accessories are correct for the razor as there is no branding on the case.

It breaks down into five pieces and consists of a topcap, middle plate, base plate, adjusting cam and the handle.
It has a very unique adjusting mechanism. The adjusting cam has an offset and raised piece that fits into the middle hole of the base plate. As you turn it, it moves the plate from side to side and thus moves the blade closer or further from the edge of the comb.
There is no change in gap and because the moving plate is a fixed width, so moving it closer one side - moves it further out the other side, which really makes it a differential head razor.
Tightening the handle locks the mechanism in place.
There isn't a scale of sorts, so repeatability could be an issue,

They are very rarely seen and I'm very pleased to have finally added one to my collection.


Renox Renox Renox
Renox Renox Renox
Renox Renox Renox

How does it shave?
First shave with the Renox:
I started with everything centred, or so I thought. Even though it looked centred there was definitely two different aggressions. Both sides were mild and I did the WTG-Pass with it like that.
I then dialed it so that it would be at its most aggressive and did the ATG-Pass and the touch-up passes with it. On the most aggressive side - it sits in the upper-medium catagory. The other side was extremely mild.

Renox Rasoir SOTD Renox Rasoir SOTD Renox Rasoir SOTD