Merkur Futur

Merkur introduced the Futur back in 1985. Its sleek design is "mod" even by todays standards. Its a two piece except that the topcap has a clip and pin arrangement, so it unclips. Its head is a little bulky and the blade tabs are also covered, so getting into the tight spots can be a challenge, albeit a small one. It's continually adjustable.

They are prone to zamak rot in and around the clip and pin arrangement, so just make sure that all the soap residue is cleaned out. I generally put mineral oil on the clips after use, hopefully it saves my razor!!

Merkur lost the plot on this one, when the patent ran out and they didn't renew it and the Clones started popping up.

The Patent was granted to Merkur Stahlwaren Wolfgan Han on 20 June 1985 under number DE3344365A1. (Click to open)

Merkur Futur Merkur Futur Merkur Futur
Merkur Futur Merkur Futur Merkur Futur

How does it shave
It's a pretty aggressive but smooth razor. The handle is surprisingly not slippery. I personally prefer it on the higher settings with an older/blunter blade.

Futur SOTD Futur SOTD Futur SOTD