Sometime in February / March 2023 the Elbrus was released. We couldn't pay for it because all payment gateways were closed.
In August 2023 a gateway opened and I managed to get the order in and just over three weeks and a few tense moments later my Elbrus arrived.
I chose the "Combo" which is a satin/polished razor and WOW does it look AWESOME...
As you can see, its like a SuperSlant.


Elbrus Elbrus Elbrus
Elbrus Elbrus Elbrus

How does it shave?
I was wondering what the fuss was all about after my first shave! After shave 3, I can confirm that the next two got better each time
I find that up to about 4, its very angle specific. If I don't get that right, I'm left with short stubble - great for a weekend.
If I want to end up BBS smooth, I need to keep it fairly open, use a relatively light touch and take my time and I'll get there in two easy passes. Mine overclocks to 3(9).

Elbrus SOTD Elbrus SOTD Elbrus SOTD Elbrus SOTD Elbrus SOTD

The Unboxing

Elbrus Unbox Elbrus Unbox Elbrus Unbox