Hoffritz Futur

Firstly, some history on Hoffritz.
Hoffritz was founded in New York in 1932 by Edwin J Hoffritz who was a cuttlery salesman who decided to venture out on his own.
They imported a range of cuttlery products, most of which came from Solingen in Germany.

The company went through several owners and grew to a 110 stores in 33 states, when the then owners Federal Department Store filed for bankruptcy in August 1994.

Today the Hoffritz brand name is owned by Lifetime Hoan Corporation who bought it in September 1995 and still market a range of products under it.

All razors that were sold by them are rebranded Merkurs.

This is a rebnranded Merkur Futur.
I would hazard a guess and say that these were introduced in and around the same time as the Merkur - so 1985 or slightly later.
As can be seen in the first two images below, this came in a nice presentation case with a tuck of 10 Hoffritz branded blades.

These Hoffritz branded versions are generally more difficult to find, but they are out there.


HFutur HFutur HFutur
HFutur HFutur HFutur
HFutur HFutur

How does it shave?
As its a rebranded Merkur Futur, I would suspect the same. It may be a bit slicker because of the polished chrome.