Finney Adjustable

This design was patented in 1913 by William Finney. According to Waits it was manufactured by the Supreme Razor co, Unionville, CT. and was the predessor to the Superman (See HERE). It must have been one of the first Gap adjustable safety razors.
It uses King of Cutter blades but I made a new back piece for a Gem and it works perfectly. The gap goes from Zero to just under 4mm - so its HUGE.

The whole top is basically two pieces of flat spring steel which have been shaped and riveted together, nothing much to it at all. It dismantles into three pieces but operates as a one piece. The blade just slides in and is tightly held in by friction.
The top cap is more elaborately engraved and adjuster knob is slightly different and there are no markings to indicate "Gap".

The patent on the Finney Adjustable was granted to William C. Finney on January 21, 1913 under number (US1051094).
A more enhanced version can be found HERE.

Finney Finney Finney
Finney Finney Finney

How does it shave?
It adjusts from virtually no gap to around 4mm. At its widest is intimidating. The head is pretty flat so getting into the tight spots is easy and the shaving angle is intuitive.
Its a great shaver.

Finney SOTD Finney SOTD