Feather DER-A

This is the current adjustable offered by Feather.
It's mostly plastic and the metal parts feel thin. It is very light and is a budget razor.
It only has two positions. In order to change settings one has to loosen the TTO mechanism, switch the lever and then close and tighten the mechanism up again. The adjustment is via way of a lever as can be seen in the fifth image below.
Option 1 is advertised as "Mild Shave provides less blade exposure for sersitive skin.
Option 2 is advertised as "Aggressive shave provides more blade exposure for dense, coarse hair, and normal skin.


Feather DER-A Feather DER-A Feather DER-A
Feather DER-A Feather DER-A
How does it shave?
Position 1 is mild and position 2 is close to aggressive with a bit of blade feel. Its not quite a BBS shaver.
It need to try it out with a Feather blade.

Feather DER-A SOTD