The Denali was introduced to us in around May of 2021. According to Giovanni the designer, there were three guys on the initial Rex project. One wanted a mild razor the other a more aggressive one and they parted ways (amicably, I've read). This is the milder one. I guess that certain IP was shared.
The Topcap and safety bars (the parts that affect the shave) are certainly well polished but there are a few tooling elsewhere that are still evident.
The posts are on the middle plate. The topcap is very low profile - actually very nice.
As can be seen in the fourth image below, its a Gibbs homage.
I eventually decided that (a) it would benefit from been overclocked and (b) the paint mark would disappear over time.
I turned a new adjuster dial so that it would overclock to about 10 and with a Swarovski Crystal as the marker.

The overclocking has certainly added versitility to it and I was correct about the paint, people have complained that the paint mark disappearing - the crystal solves that issue.


Denali Denali Denali
How does it shave?
Standard dial - Very mild to low medium. "Overclock" Dial - Very mild to high medium.

Denali SOTD Denali SOTD Denali SOTD

It's arrival...   My first impressions on the razor at the time.
I like the lower profile and the polished topcap.
I've always thought that the Rex Knurling is up there with the best, I found this slightly more grippy.
I love the fact that it can be dismantled completely to clean.
Packaging - Its perfectly functional. For me thats the way that it should be because I don't shave with the packaging.
The adjustment mark on the dial - mmmm, Its small and I suspect will fade over time.
The dial stops at 6, they missed the "over-clock" trick.

Denali unbox Denali unbox Denali unbox