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The Brillant Delux were also manufactured in Zella-Mehlis but the two pamphlets indicate two different companies. The older version says "VEB Feintechnik Eisfeld, 6060 Zella-Mehlis" and the newer says "VEB Brillant Rasierapparate, 606 Zella-Mehlis". I really can't see that they would have two different companies manufacturing razors in a small town, so I guess they were divisions within the same company (which was state owned anyway).

If I were to speculate, I think that they decided to manufacture a One Piece TTO razor around the same time as they were manufacturing the Erfa Rasant Gen 5 because the handle albeit it longer it has the same knurling. The spring loaded middle plates look the same except that the Brillant has cut-outs to accomodate the center blade alignment bar.

From researching, I believe that there to be 2 generations. If they follow the same pattern that the Erfa's follow then the below order is correct.
Other than length they are the same as the Erfa's, so that would makie the Aluminium Handle is the first generation and the Plastic handle the second.

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