This is a little known razor.
Its a three piece. The topcap is plated brass and the base plate and handle are made of bakelite. As can be seen, this one has some chipped pieces. The top cap completely covers the blade.
It another example of a "flip Over" plate razor. The one side is marked "SAUVE" (Translated - SMOOTH) and the other side is marked "FUERTE" (Translated - STRONG).


Bifax Razor Bifax Razor Bifax Razor
How does it shave?
Only two settings:     SAUVE - This is Low Mild and FUERTE - is fairly aggressive with a fair bit of blade feel.
Its pretty easy to change on the fly because the topcap has the locating pins and its just a matter of undoing the handle, flipping the base plate and retightening the handle.

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