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The Ben Hur Rasierklingen Fabrik was started in Solingen Germany in about 1905.
They produced razors under both the Apollo, Ben Hur brands and I believe that they must have produced the Matador Mikro as well.
Depending on who you believe, their first adjustable razor was produced in approximately 1950. (or Middle 1930's)
The later two versions are more readily available. They are made of Zamak which in itself isn't too bad, but their plating was not great. Zamak reacts with soap and the iffy plating can cause the various parts to fuse together, so the better examples demand premium prices.

There are two German Patents for the Apollo Mikrons both granted to Herkenrath & Co in Merschied, Solingen. The first (number DE812402) was granted on 30 August 1951 and the second for the Mikron 3 (number DE1030221) on 14 May 1958.

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